Be a Guest on RBW

RegularBlackWomen  is "an uncensored informed podcast on politics, race, class, gender, current events, and culture from rabid libertarian to classically liberal perspectives (light on the romance and absent religion). It’s the cure for the common commentary." I am looking for diverse perspectives on the black female experience and not just the same old talking head mouthpieces that you hear in comfortable black mainstream media.

I am not looking for experts, just regular black women who want to share their unique perspectives. You do not have to have anything to promote, but you are welcome to do so. I am in NYC, but al interviews are conducted via Skype.


The only requirements to be a guest are that you consider yourself a black woman and have:

· something to say

· a reliable high speed internet connection

· a computer with video Skype capabilities (we only use the audio)

· 90 minutes of free time

· an internal or external mic

· a quiet room in which to record

If you are interested, please email to arrange a booking.

Please include a bit about yourself, what you would like to talk about, and times you are typically available.

If you would like more info on me please visit my homepage


Jacquetta Szathmari