Countdown Begins



RBW has been extremely busy getting ready for the 10/1/12 launch: hooking up technology, booking guests, and spreading the word.

We are pleased to announce that Nichelle Stephens,  blogger, editor, event producer, and social media strategist will be our first guest. Nichelle will be speaking about black women in the tech world and the upcoming FOCUS 100 Symposium and Pitch BootCamp.  "The FOCUS100 symposium connects thought leaders, tech start ups founded or co-founded by black women, brand managers, and innovators." For more information visit

RBW is also looking forward to interviewing Leighann Lord, a very funny and very political standup comic. She's not just internationally known... Also on deck is Allison Crocket, a political blogger and musician who will discuss her record, "Mommy What's a Depression?". Not to mention  author, artist, and speaker, Damali Ayo, or Cheryl Contee the co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics.

We would also like to thank composer and musician Andrew Boscardin (and RBW in his own way) for allowing us to use Saturn 9 (Z9) by Zubatto for our theme song. You can hear the complete track on purchase the albums and learn more about the band.

In the meantime please find us on twitter, facebook, and tumblr. (links to the right)