Ep. 002 Jae


Jacquetta speaks with Jae about  her "lightbulb moment", her ascent in the world of finance, and creating expectations for yourself. In addition they tackle:

  • Personal Finance and Personal Fitness
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Corporations Legally Avoiding Taxation
  • Romney's Tax Returns and His Electability
  • The Paternalism of Millionaire Politicians
  • Removing the Halo from Charitable Donations
  • International Tax Havens and Tax Incentives

Intro/Outro music: Saturn 9 (Z9) by Zubatto Syndicate.com.

Hear the complete track, purchase the album, and learn more about the band on www.zubattosyndicate.com.

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About Our Guest


“Jae” prefers Internet anonymity like most cubicle Negros. BUT, has a lot to say about most things she knows and prefers to stay away from things she doesn’t know much about. “Kain’t be lookin aw ignant.” Jae is 34, married, a Financial Analyst, and the mom to a dog and cat. She enjoys all things crazy, especially pushing her physical limits and has been a member of the cult of Crossfit for about 2 years. She’s a runner, snowboarder, and often partakes in those crazy Tough Mudder, Spartan, and Zombie races.  She’s training for a marathon, taking place next month and is currently taking golf and guitar lessons. (Heavy sigh…..sure would be nice to re-direct all of this energy into reapplying to grad school.) Her guilty pleasure are those damn games played on her cell phone.