Ep. 003:The NAACP vs. the Soda Ban



In this episode we discuss the strange alliance between the NAACP and the American Beverage Association in their fight against NYC's controversial soda ban and ponder:

  • Is the NAACP a corporate mouthpiece?
  • How has this unholy alliance affect their brand?
  • From whom does the NAACP derive their funding and how does this alter their mission?
  • As non-members are we the real culprits?
  • Do Black folks need a new type of organization to represent our needs and wants?
  • Is modern Black leadership just a cult of personality?
  • Is the soda ban an assault on civil right or civil liberties?
  • Where on earth is the Black community and who speaks for us?

And much much more...

Intro/Outro music: Saturn 9 (Z9) by Zubatto Syndicate.com.

Hear the complete track, purchase the album, and learn more about the band onwww.zubattosyndicate.com.

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